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Water tanks from Bailey Rotomould

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Bailey Rotomould  offers a wide range of water tanks which are available in various colours and sizes. Bailey Rotomould offers water tanks which includes 700 litre Round, 700 litre Round Add-On, 1400 litre Round Tank Adder, 2200 litre Round, 3300 litre Round, 5500 litre Round, 5500 litre Round, 650 litre Slimline, 2600 litre Slimline, 200 litre Aqua Track, 500 litre Aqua Track, 1000 litre Aqua Track and 2000 litre Aqua Track.

Bailey Rotomould offers standard water tank range which includes 1 inch pump outlets with bung, tap outlet, swing tap, Mozzie strainer, 90 millimetres overflow and stainless steel leaf strainer. Bailey Rotomould offers the 700 litres Add-On tank which is not fitted with an over-flow or bucket tap, however, the water tank is available with the fittings needed to join existing 700 litres Tank Adder.

Bailey Rotomould offers new products called Slimline and Cartage water tanks. Bailey Rotomould offers a range of Slimline water tanks and Cartage water tanks. Unlike standard water tanks that normally need an external metal frame for lifting, the Aqua Track water tanks from Bailey Rotomould, can be lifted by a fork lift using only the plastic outer shell for support. Aqua Track Cartage water ranks are available from 500 litres to 2000 litres.

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