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Calves and bulls from Bandeeka

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Bandeeka  produces quality bulls who weigh as much as 254 kilograms on an average of 50 or more calves. Bandeeka has other sires named Optimal and Wichita. Optimal is a South African sire and is another popular breed amongst the herd. Wichita has produced a bull that won the 2007 Perth Royal Show junior championship, and is still siring calves for many commercial farmers. Wichita produces calves that are heavy and grow out quickly.

Bandeeka has a relatively new sire called Bandeeka Yass River who was born in 2003 and seems to be a promising breed. Bandeeka has purchased 50 Ferndale females. The Ferndale stud is one of the popular breed in Australia.

Bandeeka is offering about 30 Liveringa matrons along with a few selected C heifers for sale. The Liveringa matrons were purchased by Bandeeka four years ago and have sired better calves over the years. Bandeeka has a Red Angus stud who continues to grow and this year, three calves will be sired by Ferndale Rambo, the red meat bull. Ferndale Rambo’s calves are heavy and grow out quickly. Bandeeka has another powerful bull that was sired by Glacier Chateau.

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