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Bark Control Australia advise on choosing the right bark control collars

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When it comes to choosing between a variety of bark control collars, hidden fence or in ground fence systems or the right remote training collar, it is true that not all dogs are created equal.

Bark Control Australia  offer a wide variety of innovative products to provide the right match for pets. However, Bark Control Australia are also aware that it can be difficult to choose the right product when there are several to choose from.

Bark Control Australia offer a variety of barking solutions for dogs. Options to choose from include static correction, citronella, lemon spray or sonic bark control collars. The size of the dog, waterproof versus weatherproof, rechargeable versus replaceable batteries, levels of correction, quality also need to be considered.

A few simple tips for any training product:

1. Sonic collars are only suitable for very small dogs or pups, even then their success rate is not great. Citronella collars and Lemon Spray collars are fairly successful amongst many household pets but not so amongst larger working breeds that can be categorised as more stubborn. Static correction collars have a 98-99% success rate and are regarded as the most successful solution in most scenarios. Whether it is for a bark collar, containment system or remote control collar.

2. For dogs under 5 kg, big heavy collars may not be the right option. PetSafe have recently released a series of small dog collars in a Nano Static Bark Collar and a Little Dog Spray Bark Collar, as well as a Nano Containment System for small dogs.

3. For dogs that enjoy a splash in the water or a swim in the dam stay away from any collars that are not waterproof.

4. Replacing batteries can be an inconvenience in any collar. However batteries need replacing less often than charging a rechargeable unit in most cases. Rechargeable collars often need to be replaced after any battery warranty expires if they fail, adding to the expense. Re-chargeable vs buying batteries is often a personal choice. There isn’t a right or wrong.

5. If budget allows, quality products are always best, however there is no need to be paying for features in a product that are simply not needed. If the dog is in a suburban house block, is a containment system that can cover up to 40 hectares required? If trying to prevent a small dog from digging in the garden, is a remote control collar that can be used up to 1.5km from your dog really necessary?

One last tip:
If unsure as to the best barking solution, containment system, suitable remote training collars Bark Control Australia can assist. 

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