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Choosing the right anti bark collar for dogs

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Bark Control Australia  have put together this guide to assist in selecting the right anti bark collar for dogs.

Bark control devices can be broken down into three primary categories:

Sonic / Ultrasonic Devices: The collars and devices emit either a piercing audible or ultrasonic sound when activated. Ultrasonic sounds can only be heard by dogs, not by humans. This type of device relies on a microphone to detect when a dog barks. It cannot discriminate between different dogs and is only recommended for young and/or small dogs with low drive or a timid temperament.

Spray Anti Bark Collars: These collars use a burst of spray (Citronella, Lemon or Unscented) to deter barking dogs.

It is important to note that certain models are weatherproof and others are not. The majority are microphone activated. For owners of more than one dog, Bark Control recommend a model that is vibration and microphone activated as this will ensure that there are no accidental corrections.

Static / Electric Bark Collars: Widely regarded as the most effective form of bark collar (96 - 98% success rate), there are models for the very small breeds of dog right through to large dogs and working dogs. These come in battery powered or rechargeable options and the majority are waterproof.

All static collars are activated by vibration sensors, which ensure no accidental corrections. However, some of the more versatile bark collars also include microphone sensors which are great for any high-pitched barking, yapping, whining and howling.

This type of collar has gone through some major technological improvements over the years, including adjustability and safety features. It is important to note that these should only be worn for a maximum of 10-12 hours per day.

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