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There is more to choosing a remote dog training collar, than putting on the collar and pressing the button. The product required by a sheep farmer, pig hunter or a Schutzhund competitor will be worlds apart from the product required by the owner of a badly behaved suburban dog.

There are several factors to consider:

  • Range - Having a dog training collar with a range of 100 metres is pointless if a dog is operating from 180 metres away. A simple rule of thumb when considering range is to work out what the longest range may be and double it.
  • Stimulation Levels - Most models have multiple stimulation levels which enable users to find the best training level for each dog. This in turn allows the dog to learn the behaviour you are trying to teach or discourage.
  • Durability - Where users know that anything around their dogs’ necks will be banged around a bit, Bark Control Australia recommend going for a DT System or SportDog training collar.
  • Multiple Operation - Many good remote dog trainers have the capability to run multiple units from the one remote control.
  • Waterproof Equipment - Those with a dog that gets into water need to ensure they get a waterproof model.
  • Rechargeable Vs Batteries - The top line dog training collars will recharge both the unit and remote, usually simultaneously. In saying that, many good quality products have a battery operated transmitter.

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