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Fertilisers and insecticides from Barmac Industries

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Barmac Industries  offers liquid fertilisers for pest control, horticulture and agricultural purposes. The Barmac Anti Alk is a liquid fertiliser that contains pH modifying properties. This liquid fertiliser helps in reducing the pH level of the soil.

The Anti Foam defoamer from Barmac Industries is a highly concentrated and high-strength silicon emulsion product that kills and prevents the formation of foam. The Barflex insecticide helps in protecting structures from termites and other urban pests. The Nutri Gro liquid fertiliser is used for controlling pests and insects such as lawn army worms and African black beetles in turfs and landscapes. The Noculate WS is a water soluble granule fertiliser which is specifically designed for turfgrass areas.

The Delta Force insecticide from Barmac Industries is used for controlling indoor and outdoor cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, carpet beetles, silverfish and bed bugs. The Drax Ant Kill Gel is a sweet-based ant bait gel that contains 5 per cent of boric acid.

Barmac Industries offers horticulture and agricultural products too. The Boron is a fertiliser used for early growth, flowering and fruits. This fertiliser aids in cell division and differentiation that helps in rapid shoot and tip growth. The Chloroturf is a soil-applied fungicide that helps in controlling a wide range of soil borne plant diseases.

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