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Stud sires from Barnstaple Devons

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Barnstaple Devons  produces fine Devon cattle which includes stud sires and females. Barnstaple stocks cattle that produces beef for local and export markets. Barnstaple Devons uses sires that are diverse in type, size and performance.

Barnstaple Devons has many different lines of bulls available for joining. Barnstaple Devons’ sires exhibit many characteristics, which help in giving better choice when it comes to bull selection at the joining time.

Barnstaple Devons offers Barnstaple Magellan which is the breed trait leader for milk, Barnstaple Lexington 16 sire is the top bull in the breed for yearling growth, Barnstaple Grand Mercure 5, Barnstaple Sheraton 2 and Barnstaple Kismet 87 are bulls in the top 10 percent of the breed for growth traits, and Barnstaple Kismet 92 and Barnstaple Cirrus 63 are bulls in the top 10 percent of the breed for retail beef yield. These bulls are placed in the top commercial herds where their steers get all the growth needed to maximise available feed. Barnstaple Devons sells bulls that are in the top of the breed for growth. The bulls are sold at regular spring sales.

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