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Milk tanks and vats from Barry Brown & Sons

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Barry Brown & Sons  offers milk tanks and milk vats for farms which include vertical tanks and horizontal tanks. Horizontal tanks provide a faster cooling feature through chilled water jackets that are made from 100 per cent stainless steel materials. Horizontal tanks are energy efficient and help in reducing energy consumption. Horizontal tanks require minimum maintenance and have rugged and durable construction for higher longevity.

In conjunction with refrigeration and structural engineers, Barry Brown & Sons has designed and developed a quick and efficient system for cooling milk by using glycol and water chillers. Barry Brown & Sons offers milk storage tanks which are available in various sizes and capacities to suit all types of milk rooms. In addition to providing milk tanks and milk vats, Barry Brown & Sons also offers air cooled water chillers.

Barry Brown & Sons offers a wide range of new and used stainless steel equipment such as titling jacketed pans, filter press, vertical mixing tanks, mixing tanks, horizontal tanks, rectangle vats, D-shaped vats, plastic tanks, stainless steel tanks, jacketed pans, vertical tanks, vertical silos, square milk vats, vertical milk tanks, lidded tanks, bakers ovens and lidded vertical milk tanks.

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