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Tillage and seeding equipment from Baxters Rural Centre

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Baxters Rural Centre  supplies a range of air seeders, trucks, tillage equipment, precision seeder bars and seeding machines manufactured by leading companies. Baxters Rural Centre has been servicing the central agricultural area since 1919. Baxters Rural Centre provides motor trucks and agricultural equipment also.

Baxters Rural Centre offers tillage and seeding equipment that are durable, and match all types of tough conditions. The Flexi Coli tillage from Baxters Rural Centre is rugged in design and come with steel tubing and single cylinders. The concept 2000 tillage equipment from Baxters Rural Centre is versatile, durable and flexible. This concept 2000 tillage equipment is used to seed and fertilize the field. Precision seeder products come with combination of features. It provides low tillage and precision operations.

Rippers offered by Baxters Rural Centre include heavy-duty rippers, deep digger, chisel ploughs and hydraulic accumulator rippers. Deep diggers help in breaking the soil in easy way. It is available in trailing and linkage designs. It helps in removing the sub surface of the root debris. Contractors from Baxters Rural Centre include deep digger, field boss, swinger and hydraulic accumulator ripper.

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