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Bayer CropScience is a world leader in the areas of crop protection, pest control, seeds and plant biotechnology.


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10/02/12 - This new pre-ermergent herbicide has demonstrated up to an impressive 97% control over herbicide resistant ryegrass.
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26/07/10 - Two key members of the global research team at Bayer CropScience were in Melbourne recently to address delegates of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) conference.
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08/12/09 - Eighty local growers attended presentations in Sunraysia last month to learn more about the insecticide Movento, a product by Bayer CropScience.
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28/09/09 - Bayer CropScience and the Centre for Pesticide Application and Safety (CPAS) recently hosted a one-day “back to basics” course in optimising spray application as part of its viticulture campaign for this season.
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Actril DS Actril DS Selective Herbicide Agridex Aliette WG Alsystin 250 Antracol 700 WP Asulox Atlantis Balance Barracuda Basta Baycor 300 EC Baycor Garden Fungicide Baycor Turf Fungicide Bayer Advanced Garden Baysol Bayer Chlorothalonil 500 SC Bayer Rose & Ornamental Spray Bayfidan 250 EC Bayfidan Turf Fungicide Bayleton 125 EC Bayleton Garden Fungicide Baysol Snail & Slug Bait Baytan C Dry Baytan C Flowable Baytan T Dry Baytan T Flowable Baytex 550 Baythroid Crawling Insect Killer Baythroid Garden Insect Spray Baythroid Lawn Grub & Garden Insecticide Blattanex - Prof Crack & Crevice Aerosol Blue Shield DF Brodal Options Buctril MA Bugmaster Flowable Bulldock 25 EC Bulldock 8 UL Bulldock Duo Calypso Chipco Banol Chipco Baythroid Chipco Ronstar G Chipco Rovral Green Chipco Rovral GT Chipco Rovral Liquid Chipco Signature Chipco Spearhead Cislin Confidor 200 SC Confidor Concentrate Insecticide Confidor CR Soil Insecticide Confidor Garden "Granules" Confidor Guard Confidor Hose-On Lawn Insecticide Confidor Plant Aerosol Confidor Ready-To-Use Coopex EC Coopex EC Residual Insecticide Coopex Insecticidal Dusting Powder Coopex Residual Insecticide Correct 100 EC Crackdown Decis Forte ULV Decis Options Decision Destiny Selective Herbicide Diacon S Dipterex 500 SL Diuron 500 SC Diuron 900 WG Dropp Liquid Dropp Ultra Dy-Fly Plus Eclipse Envirofeast Ethrel Euparen Multi 500 WG Ficam D Ficam W Finale - Concentrate Finish 720 Flint 500 WG Folicur 430 SC Folidol 450 CS Folidol M500 Folimat 800 Folimat Garden Aerosol Gaucho 600 FS Gaucho® Gemstar Giant Gusathion 200 SC Hoegrass 500 Hombre Hussar Intrigue Dust Jockey® K-Obiol 250 SC K-Obiol Combi Synergised Grain Protectant Kordon K-Otab WT Larvin 375 Larvin 800 WG Lebaycid Le-mat Marlin Marlin 225 Maxforce® Cockroach Gel Maxforce® Gold Gel Insecticide Maxforce® Granular Insect Bait Merit Turf Fungicide Mesurol 750 Spray Mesurol Bait Microplan Zinc Liquid Fertiliser Monceren 125 DS Morestan Nemacur Nemacur 100 G Nemacur 400 Nemacur Granular Nitofol Octave Ovasyn Options Perigen 500 Perigen Defence Premis Protect Premise Cockroach Gel Premise Foam Prep 720 Previcur Prolong Fly & Litter Beetle Insecticide Prosper Puma Progress 76 EW Quick Bayt Fly Bait Racumin 8 Rat and Mouse Rodenticide Racumin Blocks Racumin Paste Raxil C Dry Raxil C Flowable Raxil T Dry Raxil T Flowable Real 200C Reign Reslin EC Responsar Beta Ronstar Granules Selective Herbicide Rovral 750 WG Rovral Aquaflo Rovral Liquid Rovral Liquid Seed Dressing Ruply Saturn EC Scala Sencor 480 SC Sencor 750 WG Sertin 186 EC Solfac 50EW Spin Flo Sportak Sumilarv Taipan Teldor 500 SC Temik 150 G Tempo Tempo 25 Thiodan EC Tigrex Tokuthion 500 EC Totril Tramat Tribunil Tristar Advance Tugon 100 WP Viper Vision Walabi Wildcat 110 EC Ziram Zorro

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