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3Sixty5 fungicides for turf from Bayer CropScience

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3Sixty5 fungicides for turf, available from Bayer CropScience , are broad spectrum and suitable to be used for the control of a range of turf diseases including Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium, Spring Dead Spot and Helminthosporium.

3Sixty5 fungicides provide broad-spectrum disease control in warm and cool season turf grass, rapid disease knockdown on Dollar spot and Brown patch within 24 hours and feature a unique suspo-emulsion formulation, with improved rain fastness.

3Sixty5 fungicides use no hydrocarbon solvents and have a long residual protection of up to 14 days on a wide range of diseases and are low hazard to the public and user.

3Sixty5 fungicides may be unstable where the water pH is 7 or higher, therefore it is crucial to check the pH of the spray solution before adding 3Sixty5. Registered buffering agents might have to be added to reduce the pH level to below 7.  Additionally, At least 800L of water per hectare should be utilised to ensure adequate coverage for good disease control. The active ingredient in 3Sixty5 fungicides is Iprodione placing it in the Dicarboximide chemical group.

When opening the container personal protective equipment is required, cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist (or alternative) and water proof gloves are recommended. Bayer Environmental Science products have not been shown to be carcinogenic, teratogenic or mutagenic.

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