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Movento 240 SC insecticide from Bayer Cropscience

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Agricultural insecticide, Movento, from Bayer CropScience Australia is now registered in a variety of crops including brassica vegetables, lettuce, cucurbits, brassica leafy vegetables and leafy vegetables. 

Recent field trial research demonstrates that Movento insecticide is effective for controlling a number of sucking pests in a wide range of fruit and vegetable crops. The results also show that Movento is strongly compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems and does not have significant adverse effects on the majority of beneficial species.  

These benefits, together with the superior efficacy and short withholding periods of the product, will make Movento insecticide a preferred choice for growers around Australia.  

BGA Agri Services Agronomist, Simon Andreoli, was impressed with the two-way systemicity of Movento, having performed trials on rockmelons and zucchinis.  

“The systemic action of Movento insecticide will enable us to target insects which have traditionally been difficult to control, by reaching bugs in nooks and crannies that relied on excellent coverage with other contact products on the market. I expect we are going to see much better results using Movento.  

“It was also pleasing that Movento was safe to bees and other beneficial species when used as directed, so I see Movento having a great fit within an IPM system.  

“The response we have had from farmers has been positive, and I believe that Movento insecticide is another string to the bow in a grower’s arsenal.  When used in rotation with other chemicals, it will take the pressure off existing chemistry because it is another choice that we didn’t have before.  

“From what we have seen in the field trials, Movento insecticide is a very exciting product and we are looking forward to its registration in other crops further down the line.  I’ll definitely be recommending it to the growers I work with,” said Simon.  

Local grower Steve Schnabel from Barbera Family Farms has been directly involved in Movento insecticide trial work in zucchinis, and is impressed by what he has seen.  

“Movento seems to stack up well against other products I have used previously. Movento delivers on its claims and we will look at using Movento in our program once it is registered.  

“Movento insecticide appears to be an effective product to include in a pest management strategy and I saw good crop safety results. The product was friendly on the zucchinis and was particularly good for bees and other beneficial species, which is important,” said Steve.  

Scott Ward, Portfolio Manager, Horticulture at Bayer CropScience said he is really pleased Movento is living up to its reputation.  “The benefits of using Movento are significant.  Bayer CropScience is thrilled to have developed this product and we are looking forward to bringing it to the market after so many years in the development pipeline.”

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