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Pioneering new mode of action for insect control in vegetables

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article image Pioneering new mode of action for insect control in vegetables

Bayer CropScience has announced the launch of an exciting development in agricultural insecticides. Belt 480 SC marks a ground-breaking chapter in the insecticide market.

This innovative product has an entirely new mode of action, capable of controlling current resistant populations for growers and marking a significant breakthrough for Australian vegetable production.

Hailed by farmers to be the future preferred treatment for chewing pests in brassicas, capsicums, tomatoes, lettuce and sweet corn, Belt has a withholding period of 1-3 days on most crops, compared to 3-7 days for its closest competitor, allowing farmers a great deal of flexibility.

Data gathered at recent Belt demonstration trials conducted across the country show that the product has equivalent or superior efficacy to the current industry standards due its fast acting, anti-feeding and knockdown effect.  Belt will be vital in controlling chewing pests including diamondback moth, heliothis, cabbage white butterfly and potato leafminer.

Mark Milligan of Lamattina’s Rosebud is excited about the prospect of using Belt. “The industry is in need of products with short withholding periods and those that can control resistance populations.  The fact that Belt gives full control of pests such as heliothis and plutella is really important to our business as our customers demand it,” said Mark.

As user safety, IPM and of course price become increasingly important, these benefits cannot be overlooked.

“We found that Belt achieved outstanding results. Once registered for commercial use, Belt will be our first choice of insecticide for tackling chewing pests“, said Tony Cochrane vegetable grower in Rosebud.

Belt is also suitable for those growers who choose to adopt an IPM approach, being safe for key beneficial species and pollinators including bees, lady birds and earthworms, when used as directed. The low application rate of the product also means less packaging for disposal.

Scott Ward, Portfolio Manager, Horticulture said that after more than 10 years in the development and registration stages, it is exciting to finally see Belt going to market.

“It’s great to be able to chat with growers who participated in the demonstration trials and hear the benefits that Belt provided for their crops. Growers have reported equivalent and in many cases, superior results to the current standards, meaning Belt is a very effective option for inclusion in any resistance management approach applied in vegetable production.”  

“Bayer is thrilled to be at the forefront of the insecticide market, by developing this revolutionary product which will benefit so many farmers across Australia,” said Scott.

An application for registration of Belt has been made. At the time of publication, Belt is not a registered product.

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