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Qualidate® to Combat Illegal Trade and Counterfeiting

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Bayer CropScience  recently launched its Qualidate® fingerprint authentification technique. Qualidate®, a new patented technology based upon approved food additives, was developed to protect crop protection products from Bayer CropScience against the increased prevalence of illegal trade and counterfeiting, which the entire plant protection industry is faced with. 

“This innovative tool provides a quick and easy test to determine whether or not a product is authentic and of original Bayer CropScience quality”, said Dr. Rüdiger Scheitza, Member of the Board of Management of Bayer CropScience AG.

Illegal production and trade does not only violate Bayer CropScience´s patent rights. They can also present hazards to applicators and potentially put the environment and the health of consumers at an unacceptable risk. “A proactive response against such illegal activities is therefore of common interest for suppliers, trade, producers and consumers”, Dr. Scheitza added.

Increasing Global Counterfeiting and Illegal Traffic

The European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) estimates that 5 to 7 percent of Europe's plant protection products are illegal or counterfeit. This situation has been growing over the past years, especially with the increase in computerized manufacturing processes, computerized graphics for labeling and the relaxation in global and regional trade law. Illegal products challenge food company reputations, supply systems and export markets. Governments are effected as well, e.g. every year, up to EUR 30 million in tax revenues are lost by European governments. Left unchecked, illegal trade in plant protection products will reduce innovation and development, as a consequence of sales loss, patent infringements and erosion of data protection.

The ECPA is committed to combating counterfeiting and illegal trade and calls on all major stakeholders including the European Commission, Council and Parliament, national authorities, the food value chain, farmers and growers. Bayer CropScience will continue to work together with the ECPA and its members  

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