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Processing equipment from Beach Wagner

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Beach Wagner  provides quality processing equipment, suitable for industries dealing with food, metal, minerals, meat processing, workshop and components. The meat processing plant, designed by Beach Wagner, provides feasible studies for meat production facilities and increases productivity.

Beach Wagner offers bakery freezer loading systems that can transport baked products. They feature intralox lateral curving belts that help in spreading the product within a limited space. Snack bar topping application systems are processing equipment that can be applied to cereal base layers.

Potato processing system, bean processing system, mince screw conveyor system, dough delivery and portioning system, pastry cutting, laying machine and fruit fibre drying system are the other different types of food processing equipment supplied by Beach Wagner.

Beach Wagner provides a range of metal processing equipment including 9T coil titler, coil winder, magnetic roll former run-out table, product stacker, steel uncoiler and Reo bender. The Coil winder is a multiple driven product that can be mounted on the floor, used to re-seize coils. The Reo bender from Beach Wagner is a hydraulic device for bending all pre-assembled Reo bar mesh that can be inserted into different culvert moulds.

The precious mineral separator, a mineral processing equipment, provided by Beach Wagner, is designed for mobile applications with optional security features when used for precious metals.

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