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Benefits of nitrogenous liquid plant food from Beaulieu RUM

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Beaulieu RUM  is a nitrogenous liquid form of plant food. RUM liquid is rich in nitrogen fixing bacteria and natural nitrogen. RUM can be applied in wet and dry conditions. RUM from Beaulieu RUM is easy to use. It is available in 20, 200 and 100 litres forms. RUM is non-corrosive and it can be applied through spray systems. It is ideal during planting process and is fully soluble.

RUM liquid food from Beaulieu RUM has its own benefit when used. RUM liquid food is considered as an effective means of nitrogen to plants. It supplies nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for the growth of plants along with other nine trace elements. It acts as beneficial bacteria in soluble form. RUM is soil friendly and maintains both organic carbon and pH levels of the soil.

RUM is used in different methods with different products. With cereals, it is applied at early to late tillering stage. For legumes, RUM is applied prior to flowering stage. RUM is applied during ratoon and planning stage of sugarcanes and it is applied with help of foliar sprays.

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