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Growing Goji Berries

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The Goji berry has come to the fore recently, thanks to the heavy marketing of the US retailers who have established relations with the Chinese producers of the Goji berry.

Growing the Goji plant in Australia is ideally suited to the ‘small holding’ farmer as harvesting machinery has not been developed for this crop and hand harvesting is still the most effective way of removing the Goji berry crop.

The climate range of the Goji berry is perfect for most Australian semi rural areas as it is not water needy, prefers full sun and because of it’s deciduous nature, is not winter tender.

The Goji bushes begin to fruit in their second year and will continue to fruit for up to 15 years. They sucker naturally so crop maintenance can be upgraded without replanting. 

Beautanicals have been growing the Goji bushes for several years and have successfully adapted the plants to 46 degree summers and 0 degree winters. At present, there is still no locally based supplier for the fresh or dried fruit market and all Goji berry produce (including Goji juice) is being sourced from China. An established market already exists for the juice and the dried berry in Health food stores and supermarkets.

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