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Cattle breeding solutions from Beef-Semen.com

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Beef-Semen.com  is an online portal established for commercial cattleman, beef breeders, pedigree breeders and dairy farmers to trade straws and semen around the globe. Beef-Semen.com is a website created for buying and selling beef genetics through online mode. This Beef-Semen.com website helps in finding the breeding criteria that fits the bulls.

The semen can be obtained by registering to the Beef-Semen.com. The bulls can be listed on the Beef-Semen.com website by clicking on the sell tab. The bulls can be tracked through Beef-Semen.com. The image of the bull can be sent along with descriptive information while listing the bull. The details on import and export of semen are obtained from nearest Semen collection centre.

Wide ranges of semen are categorised in the Beef-Semen.com website including Angus semen, Beef master semen, Charolais semen, Hereford semen, Limousin semen, Shorthorn semen, Simmental semen and Speckle Park. Around nineteen types of Angus semen, two Charolais semen, four types of Hereford semen, three types of Simmental semen and one form of Shorthorn semen are available at Beef-Semen.com.

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