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Saleyard systems from Belvoir IT

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Belvoir IT  offers a wide range of products for the rural and hospitality sectors. The rural sector is provided with sale yard system from Belvoir IT. The sale yard system is considered as operational control systems. This sale yard system helps in controlling the operations in the yard and ensures that all required tools are available for completing the task. These tasks are set in a profile that provides information on data, function and equipment used on the yard.
The data are stored in Microsoft SQL relational database by Belvoir IT. This saleyard system is written in C++ languages. Personal Computers are used by this system and it is connected to a network. The saleyard software is controlled on data server. The server runs on Microsoft small business server. The saleyard software system contains various functions including main menu, address book, livestock maintenance, reports, sale control details and search tools.

Different types of tools are provided to the operator to make the sale easier. The sale control screen present in the system allows easy selection of sale and agents and it help in displaying the control totals.

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