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Beneficial Bug Co  specialises in offering persimilis, predator of mite as biological control agent for spider mites. Beneficial Bug Co has been operating from its Hawkesbury campus at University of Western Sydney. Beneficial Bug Co supplies persimilis, hypos and Monty. Integrated pest management consultancy is also provided by Beneficial Bug Co.

Phytoseiulus persimilis from Beneficial Bug Co is the predator of two spotted mite, bamboo mite and bean spider mite. The use of Phytoseiulus persimilis helps in reducing the use of synthetic pesticides and it avoids resistance of spider mite to chemicals. Persimilis mites multiply twice as fast as spider mites. It consumes 20 young or 7 adult mites per day. This persimilis predatory mite thrives in humid, semi shaded and warm conditions.

The adult of persimilis is pear shaped, fast moving and it is orange in colour when matured. It feeds on all stages of spider mite including eggs, young and adults. These predators are differentiated from two-spotted mite that is pale green in colour with two dark patches on its back. Predator mites are used to control two-spotted mite in crops like cut flowers, strawberries, ornamental plants, corn, grapes, black currants to name a few.

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