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Beef and goat feeds from Better Blend Rural

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Better Blend Rural  offers stock feeds for the beef, goat, poultry, ostrich, pig and dairy industries. Better Blend Rural provides range of feed supplements, concentrates and complete feeds for external and internal beef production. The beef industry is offered with feedlot and stud preparations. The beef feeds are presented in expandat form. This process includes complete feed mixture treatment with steam and pressure and it increases the starch and bypass content.

Beef feed includes concentrates, dry licks, complete feeds and liquid supplements. Concentrates include advance 40 feedlot concentrate, beef 25 percent concentrate pellet, better feedlot concentrate. Advance feedlot come with vitamin, protein and mineral requirements of heavy weight cattle above 18 months of age. Beef 25 percent is mixed with hay and grain for on farm preparation of rations. Dry licks include better blend phosphate licks that are formulated to increase the performance of cattle grazing in areas that are deficient with phosphate.

Better Blend Rural provides goat feeds that are ideal for supplementary feeding of milk, meat and fibre animals. It is available in pre cooked pellet forms. Goat feed comes in complete feed range including farmyard pellet, goat pellet, Brigalow and Barcoo supplement pellets and goat 16 percent pellet. Farmyard pellet is general-purpose product used by all forms of domestic pets.

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