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Poultry, ostrich and mono feed products from Better Blend Rural

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Better Blend Rural  offers a wide range of mono products, poultry feed, and ostrich feed products. The type of feed offered to poultry sectors by Better Blend Rural includes farmyard pellet and better poultry products. Better poultry products are available in crumble, mash and pellet formats. The farmyard pellet is palatable and it is ideal for domestic pets and farm animals.

Better Blend Rural provides wide range of ostrich feeds that are designed specifically for ostrich producers. Pressure and steam technology is used by Better Blend Rural to increase the nutritional value of the feed. All these products are designed based on food safety standards. Mono products from Better Blend Rural are developed using high temperature short time technology.

The high temperature short time technology was developed for production of high value feed ingredients. Mono products include cereal-based products, cottonseed and soybeans. Mono products are ideal for commercial feed mills, on farm feed manufactures, energy and protein supplements. The production of quality feeds at Better Blend Rural begins after selection of ingredients and raw materials.

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