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We can provide you S.A. horticulture suppliers & Eco-Ag consultants Bio-Tech Organics is a distributor of new Bio-Organic fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and microbe cultures suited to both organic and conventional farming enterprises


Supplier news
14/07/08 - Bio-Tech Organics provides non-toxic alternatives to provide agricultural processes with a more environmentally friendly approach.
Supplier news
11/07/08 - Bio-Tech Organics provides agricultural products that can be used in a wide range of applications in farming units across Australia.
Supplier news
10/07/08 - Bio-Tech Organics is a supplier of a range of agricultural products that include fertilisers, microbe cultures and humates.

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Bio-Tech Organics (Head office) Update these details
PO Box 526
SA 5114
Tel: 08 8287 3473
Fax: 08 8287 3475

Bio-Tech Organics Brands

Algi-Life Algi-Tech Aloe-Tech Amino-Tech Bio-Inject Bio-Tech Organics Boll-Boost Brixmaster Calmag-Life Cal-Tech Citrick Cloak Dia-Life Ferbon Fertigate Gyp-Life Hot Mix Huma-Life Huma-Tech Hydro-Brix Hydro-Care Hydro-Gold Hydro-Guard Hydro-Life Hydro-Mate Hydro-Plex Hydro-Shuttle Life-Lime Mag-Life Mend Micro-Verm Min-Life Nutra-Stim Nutri Score Nutri-Cal Nutri-Care Nutri-Gen Nutri-Gyp Nutri-Kelp Nutri-Key Nutri-Life Nutri-Lime Nutri-Mag Nutri-Mate Nutri-Neem Nutri-Phos Nutri-Store Nutri-Tech Solutions Nutri-Verm Path-X Phos-Life Phos-Tech Photo Finish SeaChange Sea-Change Sea-Neem Sea-Start Seed-Start Seed-Tech Shuttle Seven StockSaver Tonic-Tech Triple Ten Range Zeo-Life Zeo-Tech Zinc-Life

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