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Humates and soil conditioners from Bio-Tech Organics

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Bio-Tech Organics  provides agricultural products that can be used in a wide range of applications in farming units across Australia. An advantage of these products from Bio-Tech Organics is that they are environmentally friendly, posing no threat to the natural surroundings. The company is of the belief that in order to produce clean and nutritional food, one must reduce the usage of chemical additives in the agricultural process.

Thus, Bio-Tech Organics provides non-toxic alternatives to farmers. Major products from the company are those that help in the conservation of water and microbial products. Microbial products help in improving the soil food-web drastically which in turn, helps in better growth of crops and plants. The three major products manufactured by Ferbon and distributed by Bio-Tech Organics are biological humates, composted humates and liquid soil conditioners.

Biological humates and fertilisers from Bio-Tech Organics are produced by adding brown coal to other composting ingredients. Some of these biological humates include fulvic acids and humic acids. Liquid soil conditioners from Bio-Tech Organics help plants derive essential nutrients from the soil. The most popular product from the composted humates range from the company is the Bio-Humate FF50 that contains about 400kg of humus per ton.

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