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BioAg invites farmers to join three-day tour

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Farmers who are interested in learning more about biological farming practices are invited to join a three-day tour of southern NSW and northern Victoria.

Hosted by biological nutrient manufacturer, BioAg , the tour will visit nine grain, beef, sheep, dairy and vegetable producers, who have successfully incorporated biological farming practices into their operations.

BioAg Director, Anton Barton, said the tour would provide the opportunity to learn more about this innovative approach to farming while travelling with like-minded individuals.

“Many farmers are genuinely interested in biological farming but aren’t sure where to start,” he said. “This tour provides a low-key introduction to biological farming for people who otherwise probably wouldn’t attend a formal seminar.

“Participants will be able to meet farmers who are already implementing biological farming systems and learn some of the basics from presentations on board the bus.”

Anton Barton said biological farming presented a viable alternative to high input farming. “Many Australian farmers have observed a gradual decline in the natural fertility and structure of their soils over the past 30 years,” he said.

“Amazingly, many farmers believe that the only way to maintain production levels is to apply even higher levels of inputs. There is an alternative to high-input farming – and it’s called working with nature.

“Just like ‘conventional’ farming, biological farming is based on scientific principles and common sense. Its key difference is that it addresses the causes, rather than the symptoms, of declining soil fertility and structure.”

Anton Barton agreed that biological farming presented a major challenge to conventional thinking. “Once grasped, it is easily understood,” he said.

“Hundreds of Australian farmers have already successfully introduced biological farming principles into their operations. Many report seeing a visible difference in their soils, plants and livestock once the system starts to become self-sustaining within a few years.”

BioAg manufactures a range of biologically-active solid nutrients and liquid microbial cultures, which produce living, healthy and balanced soils capable of sustaining high yielding crops and pastures.

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