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Liquid polyacrylamide products from Biocentral Laboratories

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Biocentral Laboratories  specialises in offering polyacrylamide ecotechnology products. The products offered by Biocentral Laboratories help in conserving of water when there is a shortage for water in populated areas. The Polyacrylamide product was developed to focus on projects providing cleanest innovative solutions in quality and performance. Biocentral Laboratories offers these products to manufacturing, agriculture, fire control, mining and road construction customers around the globe.

Biocentral Laboratories offers range of products including AquaBoostAG, DustChek, PolyCom, BlazeTamer and CoolTool. AquaBoostAG from Biocentral Laboratories alters the soil system hydraulics and retains the nutrients and moisture present in the soil. AquaBoostAG is a liquid polyacrylamide product and ideal for all forms of soil ranging from white sands to clays. It helps in reducing the evaporation of soil. The liquid form of this product is ideal for injection and irrigation applications.

Different forms of AquaBoostAG are available. AG30 liquid is ideal for universal purposes. AG30 fulvic blend is formulated with fulvic acid. It helps in easy uptake of nutrients by the plants. AG direct is applied through sprays. AG directs reduces the rate of droplet evaporation, increases viscosity, reduces the spray drift, it prevents droplet bounce and reduces gassing off. AquaBoostAG reduces leaching and improves nutrient uptake.

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