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Polyacrylamide products from Biocentral Laboratories

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Biocentral Laboratories  offers polyacrylamide products such as the BlazeTamer and CoolTool. Biocentral Laboratories has replaced animal, soil and plant products that were considered toxic and non-biodegradable. The products offered by Biocentral Laboratories are efficient, water-saving and reliable. Polyacrylamide products from Biocentral Laboratories offer solutions to preserve valuable water resources.

The BlazeTamer liquid concentrate offered by Biocentral Laboratories helps in the reduction of the use of water as a fire fighting medium during fire accidents. The BlazeTamer is specially designed to be harmless to animals and humans. This product from Biocentral Laboratories can be easily mixed with water and is supplied to various frontline fire units.

The BlazeTamer from Biocentral Laboratories inhibits re-ignition processes as it conserves water. It is effective against high wind performance. This product is also biodegradable, non-corrosive and can be mixed on-site for immediate use. The BlazeTamer complies with workplace safety and health regulations.

The CoolTool is a metal working fluid that is ideal for use with lubricants and coolant products. It is hypo-allergic, non-toxic and non-flammable. This non- corrosive and non-staining material offered by Biocentral Laboratories improves the life of tools by reducing the problem of dermatitis.

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