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BFA to conduct roadshows for QLD and NSW growers on biological farming

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Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA)  will conduct a series of roadshows on biological farming for farmers in Queensland and NSW.

The roadshows will be presented by international soil health expert Gary Zimmer and researcher and ecologist Leilani Zimmer-Durand, wherein farmers will be offered vital tools to combat rising energy costs and take advantage of potential additional income presented by the Government’s carbon tax.

Australia’s leading organic industry representative body, Biological Farmers of Australia believes that many farmers have been handed another challenge to combat rising costs of energy and water resulting from the carbon tax. BFA spokesperson and grower David Bruer explains that the current situation may also present growers with a great opportunity to increase their soil carbon levels.

Increase in soil carbon levels increases the productivity and resilience of the soil, helping the farmer achieve a substantial rise in profitability. Farmers will benefit from an additional income stream with the Government paying for the increase in soil carbon.

BFA representative and soil health consultant Greg Paynter says that a key aim of the roadshows is to help farmers position themselves to take up opportunities presented by the new carbon tax by sharing with them effective research and knowledge on biological farming, which can significantly improve soil productivity, increase water use efficiency and decrease energy costs.

He explains that techniques like biological farming are key to helping farmers save dollars. Biological farming techniques include pasture cropping, holistic pasture management, compost, mineral balancing, green manure crops, bio products, biodiversity or any method of managing land using more natural systems. All these techniques work towards lower energy needs and greater water efficiency, helping to make a sizeable difference to farming more efficiently and profitably within 12 months.

Gary Zimmer and his daughter Leilani Zimmer-Durand will tour Australia from 19 to 23 July as keynote speakers for BFA’s annual roadshows including one-day events at Bundaberg QLD, Bungendore NSW and Albury NSW.

BFA Roadshows with Gary Zimmer & Leilani Zimmer-Durand

  • Thursday 19 July: Bundaberg Civic Centre, 190 Bourbon St, Bundaberg QLD 
  • Saturday 21 July: Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, 3585 Kings Highway, Bungendore NSW 
  • Monday 23 July: National Environment Centre, Ettamogah Rd, Thurgoona (Albury) NSW

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