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Pheromone traps, hand lenses and research projects from Biological Services

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Biological Services  offers a range of integrated pest management products. Biological Services is involved in two research projects that are developing biological control agents for olives and vineyards. Biological Services has collaborated with the National Centre for Greenhouse Horticulture for a number of its projects. 

Integrated pest management products from Biological Services include traps, hand lenses, pheromones and delta traps. Pheromone traps from Biological Services are used to trap stored product moths, light brown apple moths, oriental fruit moths and codling moths. Hand lenses from the company have a magnification capacity of 10X. Biological Services also offers yellow sticky traps.

Biological Services carries out ongoing research on various predatory mites and insects such as the Euseius Victoriensis, Hypoaspis Aculeifer and Metaphycus Helvolus. The predatory mite, Euseius Victoriensis, attacks pest mites in grapes, stone fruits and ornamentals.

Biological Services has noticed that the parasitic wasp, Metaphycus Helvolus, assists in controlling the severity of black scale in olives. The company is involved in improving the bio-control of black scale occurring in olives. This project is carried out in association with Modern Olives and is being funded by the olive industry and Horticulture Australia (HAL).

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