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Thrips and fungus gnat control agents from Biological Services

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Biological Services  offers a range of biocontrol agents including Hypoaspis, Cucumeris and Aphytis to control insects, mites and pests in horticultural crops. Research and development on potential biocontrol agents are going on Biological Services.

Hypoaspis biocontrol agent from Biological Services is a predatory mite that lives near the surface of soils. This species feeds on the larvae of fungus gnat and thrips pupae. Hypoaspis miles are ideal for controlling the fungus gnat. It is dispatched in an organic mixture that are scattered evenly over the treatment area. It can be spooned into the base of pots also.

Hypoaspis biocontrol agent must be released when the pests are at low level or during planting stage. The temperature of the soil must be around 20 to 30 degree Celsius. The growing media placed must be well drained and should contain required amount of nutrients. Two releases in a week with 2-3 weeks gap is ideal for controlling the pest.

Biological Services offers thrips control agent, Neoseiulus cucumeris. This predatory mite, Neoseiulus cucumeris feeds on immature thrips and mites. It feeds on pollen grains present on crops like capsicum. It reduces the pesticide resistance in thrips by eliminating, delaying the number of pesticide applications required for controlling the thrips.

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