Bird Gard

Bird Gard design and build non lethal humane bird scarers, pest control and bird control devices in Australia and New Zealand.


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14/11/11 - These snake repellers are easy to install and work using solar powered vibrations to deter snakes from entering a 30 metre radius.
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14/10/11 - Bird Gard bird control systems system can be installed without many labour costs associated with other bird control systems.
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15/08/11 - Early installation of Bird Gard bird control devices is recommended to farmers dealing with Scaly Breasted Lorikeets.
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27/06/11 - The Super Pro X bird control system is the latest technology in bird control from Bird Gard and is the result of over five years of research, development and field experimentation.
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81 Sixth Ave
QLD 4558
Tel: 07 5443 6344
Fax: 07 5443 9879

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AVA Bird Gard Crop Gard MSF Pro Plus Pro-Amp Super Pro X-20 X-8

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