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Bird-X 1 bird control devices from Bird Gard

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The Bird - X 1 is one of the newest bird control devices from Bird Gard . It is a combination of several systems. Each individual sound incorporated in the Bird - X 1 bird control device has already proven successful in controlling its own particular bird species so the new machine is capable of controlling a larger variety of pest birds than any previous bird control device.

The Bird - X 1 bird control device delivers unnatural sounds, which birds have never had to contend with before. The longer the birds are subjected to it, the more it annoys them. It also overrides the chatter amongst the birds, themselves. It makes communication difficult and increases birds’ stress and fear levels.

Birds rely heavily on communication to maintain their sense of well being. Deprive them of this comfort factor and they become agitated and are easily spooked. By moving away from the area covered by the speakers, the birds can regain their peace, communications and comfort.

As with all Bird Gard’s bird control systems, it is important to follow the recommendations to achieve maximum results. The speakers need to be positioned correctly.

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