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Crow Control works on the major raven and crow species. Unlike most of Bird Gard 's devices, this bird control unit uses a real bird distress cry. Interestingly, this is not the cry of a crow in distress but a totally unrelated species of seabird. Bird Gard has found that crows aren’t repelled using their own distress call but respond to this particular seabird's call.

Unlike the artificial harassment sounds in most of their product lines, the natural sound in the Crow Control needs to be used with more discretion and to ensure crows don't become accustomed to the sound. The Crow Control is mostly used in conjunction with harassment sounds (usually Electronic Scarecrow) as an instant shock treatment. It should be moved to different spots around the vineyard or orchard periodically, in order to add to the crow's confusion and distress.

This bird control unit can be connected directly to a four-way, 360º speaker. It also can be used to run a sonic fence, which is a series of speakers 30m apart and made up of as many as eight speakers to form a 210m wall of sound. This bird control device operates off either a 12V battery or 240V mains power.

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