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L100 Bird Repeller from Bird Gard

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The L100 Bird Repeller, now available from Bird Gard , is a lightweight, portable acoustic device which can be relied upon to repel a range of birds, including Black ducks, Cormorants, Herons, Ibises, Pigeons, Sparrows, Swallows, and Wood Ducks.    

The beauty of the L100 Bird Repeller is that the operator can target a specific location. It can be aimed at a problem spot and cover that spot with up to 135 decibels of high-intensity variable sound. In addition, sound to the rear and the sides of the bird repeller is minimised, so neighbours and the general peace and quiet are not disturbed.    

L100 Bird Repellers run on COTS rechargeable Li-ion batteries in a custom battery cartridge. The unit weighs just 6.8kg – this includes hand-held control unit/mp3 player, speaker, and the battery charger.        

Features of the L100 Bird Repeller:  

  • Amplifier is an 80Watt class “D” amplifier.  System is capable of exceeding 80dB at 100 meters.  
  • Mp3 player has a built in USB interface for easy download of audio onto the integrated 1GB memory card.    
  • Control unit can be placed on up to a 20 ft cable for remote operation.    
  • Modular design places controls for the unit in the operator’s hands at a remote location.  The system power (battery and amplifier) still resides in the speaker housing.    
  • Battery life allows continuous operation of the L100 Bird Repeller for approximately 30 minutes, depending on the audio content being played.    
  • Mp3 player features large, easy to read backlit display with selectable backlight intensity (including off).  
  • Large buttons can be operated with gloved hands and are backlit for night operation.  Backlight intensity of buttons is selectable (including off).  
  • Has one recessed handle on the top of the unit for carrying.  Front lip of speaker can function as side handles.  

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