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L100 Bird Repellers from Bird Gard

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L100 bird repellers are a line of lightweight and portable acoustic bird control devices distributed by Bird Gard Australia.

Operators can target a location and send out up to 135 decibels of high-intensity variable sound in a directional manner. Sound dispersion to the rear and sides is minimal making it neighbour-friendly.

L100 bird repellers find application in efficient agricultural pest management.

The complete system weighs about 6.8kg and comprises of a speaker, handheld control unit/ Mp3 player and battery charger. The device utilises COTS rechargeable Li-ion batteries in a custom battery cartridge.

Key features of L100 bird repellers

  • User can employ either a hand microphone or a digital audio playback device (Mp3 player)
  • Control unit can be connected to a cable up to 20 feet in length for remote operation
  • Recessed handle provided on the top of the unit for easy portability. Front lip of the speaker functions as side handles
  • Modular design places controls for the unit in the operator’s hands at a remote location. The system power (battery and amplifier) still resides in the speaker housing
  • Utilises COTS rechargeable Li-ion batteries in custom battery cartridge. Batteries offer 14.4V output at 5200mAH
  • Battery life allows continuous operation for approximately 30 minutes depending on the audio content being played
  • Amplifier is an 80Watt class D unit and the system is capable of exceeding 80dB at 100 metres
  • Mp3 player has a built-in USB interface for easy download of audio onto the integrated 1GB memory card
  • Mp3 player features large, easy-to-read backlit display with selectable backlight intensity
  • Large buttons can be operated with gloved hands and are backlit for night operation

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