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Strobe Lights from Bird Gard Drive Birds Away

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Strobe lights from Bird Gard are a range of high quality strobes designed for installation in ceilings or dark areas where birds such as pigeons, sparrows, swallows and starlings nest or roost.

Strobe lights are known to cause nausea in people when they watch them continuously. This also applies to birds and the strobe lights will not let them settle or sleep.

Strobe lights act as a constant confusing irritant, which will eventually drive the birds away to a friendlier environment.

Strobe lights from Bird Gard function as an active bird control device, deterring birds from nesting in and around buildings.

Simple to operate, the lights need to be plugged in to a standard power outlet. Occasionally, the strobe is used in conjunction with devices such as Pigeon Repeller, Swallow Repeller and Sparrow Repeller.

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