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Ultrasonic pest control services from Bird Gard

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Bird Gard  is a provider of quality pest control solutions. Bird Gard has been functioning in Australia for the last two decades accumulating significant experience and knowledge in various techniques of pest and bird control. Bird Gard is committed to providing only environmentally-friendly pest control products to carry out its services. These products are safe, non-toxic and pose no threat to the environment.

Pest and bird control products from Bird Gard utilise laser and ultrasonic technologies resulting in efficiency and quality. Bird Gard has been developing its ultrasonic microchips for the past twenty years and ensures that its products are flexible and versatile enough to be used in any applications. Pest control products from Bird Gard include bat control, flying fox control, kangaroo and wallaby control, possum deterrent, removal products and rat and mouse control products. All these products from Bird Gard utilise humane and effective methods to rid customers of their pest problems.

The ultrasonic pest control products are used in a number of industries that include fruit farms, airports, airfields, marinas, agricultural units and horticultural units in Australia and New Zealand.

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