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An association for black and coloured sheep breeders

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article image Coloured sheep breeders are represented by the Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders Association of Australia (VIC) Inc.

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The Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders Association of Australia (VIC) Inc. was formed in 1975 by two coloured sheep breeders.

The association initially catered to the entire nation yet now focuses on the state of Victoria, as most Australian states now have their own associations.

Each of these coloured sheep breeders associations all share the same agreements, and they work together when issues that directly affect the black and coloured sheep breeding industry arise.

The coloured sheep breeders associations also maintain close contact with international coloured sheep breeders associations, particularly in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and America.

A quarterly newsletter is published by the association for the benefit of its members. The newsletter is comprised of current news, association views, reports, advertisements and sales, and includes information about competitions and shows.

The sheep breeders association is also responsible for the Flock Register, which is published annually and contains information about black and coloured sheep flocks in Victoria.

Membership is open to sheep breeders with coloured breeding flocks of black and coloured sheep, along with those who have an interest in coloured sheep and their wool.

Members receive the association newsletter for free, along with cheaper rates for advertising in it.

Furthermore, they receive free entry to events organised by the Association, many of which are great networking events that allow for coloured sheep breeders to engage in formal and informal discussions.

Two membership types are available, associate and junior. Associate members are entitlted to voting rights while junior members are not.

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