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300 Gallon Molasses Mixer
300 Gallon Molasses Mixer
300 Gallon Molasses Mixer 300 Gallon Mixer on a Trailer Black River Molasses Tank
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Molasses Mixers

Black River Cattle Equipment supply a range of Molasses Mixers for feed mixing in the agricultural industry. All mixers are equipped with a Honda motor with a 6 to 1 ratio and complete with chains and sprokets, all with slow gearing and safety covers over the chains.

The mixer tanks are made from galvanised sheeting and has all-gal RHS in the frame, paddles mix inside the tank. The mixers come with bearings, grease nipples and a screw down lid to stop spillage whilst travelling. They also contain butterfly valves for flow control and a steel chute for exit of molasses into feeding troughs, the chute is also hinged up for safety when travelling.

200 Gallon Molasses Mixer
  • (900 lts) 1.2 tonne
  • 200kgs (weight of mixer)
  • Mixer available opn trailer
300 Gallon Molasses Mixer
  • (1350 lts) 1.8 tonne
  • 280kgs (weight of mixer)
  • Mixer available without trailer
500 Gallon Molasses Mixer
  • (1936 lts) 2.7 tonne
  • 380kgs (weight of mixer)
  • Mixer available without trailer
1000 Gallon Molasses Mixer
  • (4400 lts) 6 tonne
  • 500kgs (weight of mixer)
  • 9HP Honda Motor
1200 Gallon Molasses Mixer
  • (5280 lts) 7.5 tonne
  • 600kgs (weight of mixer)
  • 9HP Honda Motor
2200 Gallon Molasses Mixer
  • (9600 lts) 13.2 tonne
  • 1400kgs (weight of mixer)
  • 13HP Honda Motor
The 200gal mixer will fit on to a Toyota Land Cruiser, the other models should go on a truck or trailer. Trailers are available for the above models. 

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