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Hydrated lime products from Blue Circle Southern

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Blue Circle Southern  supplies an extensive range of minerals including limestone as well as limestone products. Some of the minerals offered by Blue Circle Southern include aggregates, hydrated lime, limestone, quicklime and several other certified mineral products. Aggregates from Blue Circle Southern have been specifically developed for applications such as masonry manufacture, concrete, drainage materials, rail ballasts and other landscape applications. Different aggregates include limestone, white shale and yellow shale.

GM250 Aglime type of mineral product from Blue Circle Southern includes agricultural lime that possesses extensive neutralising capability. This agricultural lime has an effective neutralising value ranging to about 98 and produced by passing through a sieve of diameter 250 microns.

Blue Circle Southern provides different types of hydrated lime products. Premium hydrated lime has the following composition that includes 92 percent of calcium hydroxide level. This lime product has fine particle size that enables it to accelerate the neutralising process. Hydrated lime from Blue Circle Southern is available at cost effective rates and has been manufactured according to industry standards. These hydrates lime products from Blue Circle Southern are highly reactive products that have been endorsed by NATA.

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