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AIRMAN’s Xtreme Series generators give reliability, mobility and economy

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The Xtreme Series generators from AIRMAN Japan are designed for high performance and reliability.

Built tough in a compact footprint, these mobile power providers have low maintenance requirement and deliver superior efficiency. The Xtreme Series generators offer assured fuel economy, which combined with the minimal maintenance need, allows the operator to recover the cost of their investment quickly. These generators also have a higher resale value when it is time to upgrade.

The mobile generators can be transported in the back of a ute with no risk of affecting their performance. The robustly-built generators can easily cope with truck vibration during travel. 

Designed by AIRMAN Japan, Xtreme Series generators are recommended for construction sites as well as farm use. The Xtreme range is ideal for the generator rental market as they are robust, can run continuously, have less maintenance issues than standard generators, and have a great resale value. 

The Xtreme range of generators has been developed to a high quality level of engineering and comprises of premium components. Designed specifically for use in the construction, farming and mining industries, these generators are also suitable for the generator rental market. The Xtreme Series also meets the stringent emission control regulations of Japan.

Popular models in the Xtreme Series generators include the 13KVA, 25KVA and 45 KVA generators as they are considered the most suitable for a number of situations, both for prime power use as well as for short periods of usage. 

All generators come with a 1-year warranty. 

Blue Diamond Machinery is an exclusive agent for the Xtreme Series generators from AIRMAN Japan.

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