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Poll Dorset commercial sheep from Blue Haven

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Blue Haven  specialises in the management of a diverse range of sheep as well as lambs. Blue Haven has been managing sheep and lambs since 1965. Blue Haven is headed by John and Lois Stivens. This company had established Poll Dorset stud in the year 1984. Blue Haven is also a member of Australian Poll Dorset Association.

Lambs of Blue Haven are known to possess superior functionalities. These lambs are sold at higher rates in various annual sale functions. Blue Haven also employs sophisticated methods for breeding sheep and lambs that enable them to bag various awards at sale functions. Sheep supplied by Blue Haven have been adjudged as ideal commercial sheep with various attributes including tall, long as well as lean structures.

Poll Dorset breed of sheep from Blue Haven include premium quality sheep that have been specifically bred to suit different applications. Blue Haven has its office located near Barnawartha in North East Victoria. This company specialises in breeding quality commercial sheep. Blue Haven basically employs artificial insemination techniques for breeding these quality commercial sheep.

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