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Cost effective and tasty eggs from Blue Mountain Creek

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Blue Mountain Creek  specialises in conducting farm inspection services. Blue Mountain Creek specifically conducts farm inspection services for Free Range farmers associations. Free Range farmers associations provide a diverse range of quality and nutritional eggs. These eggs have been directly retrieved freshly from the farm. Hens maintained in these farms are never locked as well as allowed to move freely on pasture anytime irrespective of day or night. Different varieties of hens grown on these farms are sold directly to homes, stores, restaurants as well as to different farmers.

Eggs supplied by Blue Mountain Creek also taste good in comparison with other eggs. The farms maintained by Blue Mountain Creek comprise of healthier hens. Eggs from these pasture fed hens possess high amount of folic acid, vitamin B12, carotenes and vitamin E. These eggs have varied nutritional values in comparison with other eggs. Hens of Blue Mountain Creek farms are supplied with natural diet that is devoid of meat meals as well as processed animal based proteins. This company does not use any type of additives for enhancing yolk colour of the eggs.

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