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Standard and premium size eggs from Blue Mountain Creek

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Blue Mountain Creek  offers a comprehensive range of Freeranger eggs. These eggs are supplied in dozens, half dozen as well as ten in a pack. Freeranger eggs are produced by healthy and pasture fed hens. The hens are allowed to move freely in the farm. The farms, on which the hens roam, are not sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. Blue Mountain Creek provides eggs comprising of brown, white and tinted shells.

Blue Mountain Creek provides mash of natural grains to the hens. This company ensures to supply quality chicken eggs. Blue Mountain Creek offers quality chicken eggs by considering certain aspects such as management of hens, type of feed provided to hens, methodology adopted for handling eggs as well as packing and storage eggs.

Eggs supplied by Blue Mountain Creek are available in varying sizes including special eggs, standard eggs, premium eggs, big eggs as well as megga eggs. Special eggs possess size ranging from 50 grams to about 55 grams, while standard eggs have total size of 60 grams. These standard eggs are supplied in dozens, while special eggs are supplied in 10 packs. Premium eggs have total size of 65 grams, while big and megga eggs possess size of 70 grams and 80 grams each. Blue Mountain Creek supplies these different types of eggs to restaurants and caterers.

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