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EasyCheck software solution from Blush Consulting

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Blush Consulting  provides efficient livestock software solutions for proper management of livestock industry. EasyCheck software solution has been specifically developed for meat processing plants. This software is capable of identifying as well as recording those animals carrying an RFID device. EasyCheck software functions by providing an accreditation of health as well as EU status of animals. This software also creates an uploadable file for the NLIS database simultaneously.

EasyCheck livestock software from Blush Consulting can also be used for usage in both domestic as well as export abattoirs. This software solution is ideal for checking the health, commercial and residue status of all slaughtered animals. EasyDraft software has been developed from EasyCheck and specifically developed for reading different RFID eartags. The resulting process file generated from EasyDraft forms the basis for all scanning applications performed by EasyCheck.

EasyLot software from Blush Consulting enables to read RFID transponders at the feedlots thereby checking the status of animals against NLIS database. This livestock software solution provides vital functions such as signalling status as well as creation of transfer files. EasyCheck software from Blush Consulting also offers site specific interface to individual operators.

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