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Boekeman Machinery  provides different types of harvesters as well as hay equipment. Harvesters supplied by this company include Axial-Flow Combines, draper heads, grain heads and pick up heads. Axial-Flow Combines series of harvesters are available in different models. These harvesters comprise of several features including rotors, feeding systems, cleaning systems, threshing and separating systems, grain handling systems, engine as well as cab control systems. Rotor of Axial-Flow harvesters possesses a total diameter ranging to about 76.2 centimetres. These rotors require minimal maintenance and specifically designed for threshing as well as separating applications. Grain handling system of these harvesters has been specifically incorporated in these harvesters for providing lower clearance of transport as well as storage.

Draper heads from Boekeman Machinery are available in two series such as 1042 and 1052. These draper heads comprise of several features such as float optimiser, heavy duty knife box, retractable tine drum as well as auto header height control device. Draper heads from Boekeman Machinery can be used on different crops such as wheat, mustard, canola, barley, lupins, lentils, oats, milo, flax, grass seeds, rice and sunflowers. Grain heads from Boekeman Machinery comprise of features such as auger retractable fingers as well as automatic feeder height control. These grain heads are available in various sizes and suitable for different types of crops.

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