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Developing Australian boer goats for commercial purposes

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article image Boer goats are the only type of goat bred for their meat producing qualities

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The Boer Goat Breeders Association of Australia (BGBAA) is involved in the practice of breeding boer goats so they produce high quality meat for human consumption.

BGBAA is responsible for promoting boer goats to buyers and breeders within Australia and overseas, and operates with the interests of its members in mind.  

This involves highlighting the fact that they are able survive in harsh climates and produce meat that is cost effective yet high in quality.

Furthermore, boer goats are the only type of goat bred specifically for their meat. Breeders may thus reap impressive profits on both a domestic and international scale, as Australia exports over 50% of the world’s boer goat meat.

The association offers four different membership types:

  • Stud membership is for those who breed registered (pedigree breeding) boer goats.
  • Commercial membership is granted to those who breed boer goats or who are interested in the practice of breeding boer goats for their meat.
  • Junior membership is available for those aged eighteen and under who breed registered boer goats.
  • Subscriber membership is similar to commercial membership -  this type is for those who breed or are interested in commercial goat meat production, however subscriber members are not able to take advantage of the majority of BGBAA’s services.

The price and services associated with each of these membership types varies, however all members will receive ABSSA publications regardless of their membership type.

The official association website provides visitors with the opportunity to search for association members and breeders, and allows them to access a classified section that lists goats and goat products for sale, features that clearly benefit association members.

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