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Robust sheep from the Boonoke flock

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The Boonoke  flock from F.S. Falkiner & Sons consists of big, shapely, robust sheep including the Boonoke 4.004, Boonoke 4.024 and Boonoke 2.218. Additionally, Poll Boonoke and Wanganella Merino Studs are also operated by F S Falkiner & Sons. Boonoke Stud flock totals to 2,000 breeding ewes.

Boonoke Merino Studs offers various balanced breeding programmes. Breeding programmes at the Boonoke Merino Studs are targeting wool quality and quantity, frame size and conformation and flock fertility.

The Boonoke 4.004 is a modern day stud sheep. Featured with extra cut and volume of wool on him, Boonoke 4.004 is a plain bodied sire with great depth of body, broad straight top line. The sheep is covered with long stapled, bright, dense, medium wool.

The Boonoke 4.004 also contains well set horns with pure muzzle and stands squarely with very good feet. This sheep carries quality and brightness through to his belly.

The Boonoke 4.024 from Boonoke consists of very good underline and finish. This sheep also features strong sirey head. The Boonoke 4.024 requires heavy cutting with its rich well nourished, lustrous, bold medium wool with character.

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