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Boontech provides heavy duty pneumatic handlers

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Boontech  offers heavy duty pneumatic handlers with three way drafting and fully automatic weighting features.  Boontech also provides complete software and hardware for height recording and backline drenching with associated RFID readers.

Automatic handlers with RFID readers from Boontech help in weighing and drafting with full data capture systems. The Boontech Bovine weighing and drafting system is operated in either automatic or manual mode. The automatic mode allows the operator to draft on any animal trait, event, breed or sex, while the manual mode is controlled by a remote hand piece.

The Boontech Autolink allows farmers to operate the system by opening the entry gate for unobstructed animal movement. All events and repeats are recorded allowing for complete management and traceability.

The Autolink model 530 incorporates integrated readers, scales, drafting features and communications. A full handling system diagnosis with upgrading facility enables quick faultfinding and communications to the base computer through e-mail. Installation of the Boontech drafting software enables data transfer to personnel computer or to the BoonCard memory for instant data transfer to NLIS.

The Autolink model 530 is constructed with race entry and the weigh box comes with galvanised high tensile steel painted tubing. Featured with marine ply sides and squeeze crushes, the Autolink 530 ensures silent operation. All moving parts are fitted with grease nipples.

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