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180 quality bulls for sale from Booroomooka Angus

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Booroomooka Angus  has been owned and managed by the Munro family since 1926. The cow base of over 700 functional females and 1300 commercial Angus females from the company operate in a tough environment.

Booroomooka Angus celebrates 83 years of commitment in providing breeding services for bulls and cattle. On the 15th of August 2008, buyers will be given an opportunity to purchase bulls from a total of 180 quality bulls presented. The breeding principles from Booroomooka Angus emphasise on essential genetic traits such as fertility, good growth, ability and carcase quality.

33 sons of the Right Time 338, 17 sons of New Design 1407, 11 sons of Yogi Z27, 24 sons of Westall, 18 sons and grandsons of Undertaken and 8 sons of NeutronQuality will be sold during the course of the sale. A wide range of yearling bulls and donor cows from Booroomooka Angus will also be sold.

All bulls from the company have passed the Veterinary Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation. Booroomooka Angus inspects every book registered calf and reports to breedplan if there is any calving difficulty found. The cattle is also assessed for structural soundness, temperament, breeding soundness, frame and shape.

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